The members of Brandy Lindsey and the Punch crossed paths many times before officially becoming current bandmates. 

Scott Stinson, drummer, made a splash as a teen by being handpicked by The Sparkletones to sit in on a big gig. Known then and until this day for his tasteful playing, he's been a member of other successful groups including Jackson Crossing. He, Brandy and Eric played together for a short time years ago and never forgot how good it felt. After many unsuccessful attempts to rejoin forces, the stars finally aligned.

Jamison Smith, electric guitarist and backing vocalist, is no side man. A singer/songwriter/guitar player in his band Milgrim's 27, he knows how to hold his own. Joining this group was a new role to play, and he took the challenge in stride. Additionally, as an active supporter of the original music scene, it is no surprise that he founded and has hosted Sunday Songwriter Night for seven years. In 2003, he was involved in a large music project that Eric and Brandy were also a part of. They didn't know then, but it was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Eric "Teacher" Lindsey, bassist, is one of the most respected players Upstate, S.C. Never one to stick to the root, he avoids overplaying and seems to find all the magic notes. Another notch on his belt is being an original member of The Ragged Orchids, a band he proudly played with until family life crept into "the nightlife."

Brandy Lindsey was not planning on becoming a musician until her then-friend/now-husband (Eric) approached her about singing in his band after hearing her sing oohs and ahs on a mic during a practice session. Without knowledge of singing or playing (much less songwriting), it soon became apparent that her calling was hiding in her all along. Who knew that rehearsal would lead to a life of music and motherhood?

Together, with some shared influences and differing ones, what binds them sonically and personally is the way they approach music... "play to the song, and the rest will fall into place." Luckily, they themselves have fallen into place as Brandy Lindsey and the Punch.