On the opening track for her band's new album, “The Likes of You,” Brandy Lindsey sings, “For such a stupid girl, I'm smart enough to think and I'm smart enough to know.”

That's called poetic license, for if there's one thing the Spartanburg-based singer-songwriter is not, it's a stupid girl.

Smart? Yes. The intelligent lyrics and thoughtful pop hooks found in each of the 13 tracks that comprise “The Likes of You” make that clear.

These days, a more appropriate description for Lindsey might be “a happy girl,” especially when considering how she feels about the recording process she and her backing band, The Punch, used in making the new album.

“We did it analog, so we didn't have any (studio) tricks,” Lindsey said. “If you listen closely, you'll hear imperfections but it's an honest recording.

“We had so much fun. There was a lot of energy in making this record, just with all of us working together to get it out.”

Co-produced by area music veteran Matthew Knights and recorded over the course of a few months at his County Line Studios in Chesnee, “The Likes of You” is a sterling collection that showcases the band's distinctive blend of jangly 1980s-flavored power pop, classic soul and traditional country.

“We went in (the studio) with all these songs, and you never know at the end of the day if you're going to kill some songs,” Lindsey said. “We talked about trimming the fat, and I had two or three on my list at various times to kill. But we ended up keeping them all.

“And I guess I'm proud of that — that we were able to get them all to sound the way we wanted. Although it could be seen as stubborn that we didn't get rid of any, I'm glad we kept them all.”

The band's current lineup includes Lindsey's husband, Eric Lindsey, on bass, Jamison Smith on guitar and Scott Stinson on drums, all of whom have extensive experience on the Upstate music scene. Guest musicians on the new album include Knights on guitar and Wilson Warren (a former member of The Punch) on organ, piano and pedal steel.

“What you hear (in our music) is a culmination of our influences,” Brandy Lindsey said. “Jamison tends to lean toward the folk side, and I would say that Scott and Eric have the rock side. And then Eric and I share a love of pop of any genre, whether it's Motown or it's Elvis Costello.”

Formed in 2006, Brandy Lindsey and The Punch has been a fixture on the area music scene ever since.

Of the band's desire to continue making music together, Lindsey said, with a laugh, “we're idiots.” She then offered a more accurate appraisal of what drives her and her bandmates to do what they do.

“It's the love of the music. That's pretty much it,” she said. “I mean, for me, my true love is the writing part. But I know that to have your songs be heard, you've got to play live. … Of course, once you get up there (on stage), it's a high. You feel like your adrenaline is just going and, physically, it just feels so good.”



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